Brain ~ The Ruler of the World

Tuesday, May 17
Brain-The RULER:

The original "Brain Chemicals":

Elmer Fudd Speak

Monday, May 16
This is too funny:

Beck's High on ASCII

Watch "Black Tambourine."


Cool ASCII link: here

Things I am pissed off at:

- The fact that Monster in Law was #1 at the box office this weekend earning $24 million. This movie stars Jennifer Lopez and Hanoi Jane Fonda. The only four words that make me want to see a movie less are: Sandra Bullock & Hugh Grant! The other superstar openers this weekend were Kicking & Screaming and Unleashed (where Jet Li was a dog and is now a human?). People turned out in big numbers last week to see Kingdom of Heaven and it had a 51% drop off this week, which means people did not like it and told their friends to stay away, and were rarely going back for a second look. The one bit of encouraging news was that box office numbers have been way down over the last 3 months which will hopefully indicate to studios that they are making pure crap!!

- After watching some of the NBA playoff action this weekend I am again tired of the official whining!!! The 2 biggest cry babies since Jordan retired are in the same series, Reggie Miller and the ever loveable Rasheed Wallace. Reggie complains before the game evens starts, except he is a likeable veteran and he puts his arm around the officials waste when he complains. You know what, throw 'em out of the game, I have no use for this shit, I hate it hate it hate it. Rasheed actually caught the ball in the post, turned and complained to the official then made his move and missed an open lay up attempt in Game 3, and then complained the entire way down the floor. Then you have Manu Ginobili falling down like he got shot every time he draws contact. Ben Wallace is built like a brick shithouse and when Jeff Foster bumps him he falls to the ground and then complains he did not get the call. Sorry I always have to get that off my chest come playoff time.

Long Change

Saturday, May 14

I certainly love having a long change. Seven and a half days off in a row, sweet. I am thoroughly relaxed this day, worked around the house, went to the Post Office and sent two packages to the U.K., bought a birthday gift and am now ready to hit the shower.

Heading out to a birthday party this evening for an old co-worker of mine when I had worked for ENRON. Have not seen this individual in over three years but am anxious as many of our old cronies from the crooked "E" will be in attendance. Do not know what Sunday brings but knowing me, I will probably go look for some trouble over in Northshore or even head out to the infamous "Island" in Galveston.

Random 10 Friday

Friday, May 13
  1. Come On To My House - Rosemary Clooney
  2. Mescalaro - ZZ Top
  3. Rexall - Dave Navarro
  4. Truckin' - Dwight Yoakum
  5. My Baby Loves Me - Martha Reeves and The Vandellas
  6. Kuku Waltz - Cheap Suit Serenaders
  7. Third Stone From the Sun - Jimi Hendrix Experience
  8. No Expectations - The Rolling Stones
  9. New San Antonio Rose - Asleep at the Wheel
  10. Rocky Road Blues - Bill Monroe

Please forgive me.

Tuesday, May 10
I met a fantastic person online a few weeks back. We spoke on the phone once, liked her voice, liked her. We had been emailing back and forth, she had some concerns that were valid though this woman is a wee bit insecure but NOTHING I do not think she could not overcome.

I have a tremendous infatuation with her. Today I sent her an email that "I hope she finds the gent she is searching for and to have all the good luck and success in the future". I think I came on too strong as I am looking for a lovely woman to serve, Love and adore. She has a blog and got me into weblogs too. She writes this yesterday:

"Always the same. Hopes raised. Sweet words said. Promises of being patient and understanding. Now silence. Hopes dashed. Tears."

It totally broke my heart to read that. I was caught in the horrible weather we had here in Texas on late Sunday evening and did not get intown till 4:00am yesterday. I also worked all day yesterday 6:00am to 6:00pm and was exhausted. I should have called though her email from Saturday still has me upset.

I am sad to read that it is "always the same". It was never my intent to raise your hopes and drop you down. I meant every sweet word as they were from my heart. I would always be patient and understanding and indeed was, though I really think she was trying to scare me away and run me off. I have tears for her tears as I never wanted to dash her hopes of a Loving Romance as I wanted to be that gentleman to sweep her off her feet and admire her as if she was my Queen.

Tonight is a very special evening for her. I have been the catalyst that has caused her to be tearful before her very special event - never my intent.

I wanted to be there tonight and see her in all her glory. I wanted to feel the initial inklings of "pride" in my heart for her. I was not invited though I am sure I could sneak in.

I miss you. I still desire you. Please forgive me.


It is indeed Friday...

Friday, May 6
...because it feels like it. One more hour and I am outta here. I have been invited over to Louisiana for a Texas Hold-em Poker Tournament. I think I may go after I get a wee bit of shut eye. Was kinda sad to read that "MY-Q" had to be mean to those poor sixth graders. Come on will only be kids! I am only joking "MY-Q". Hope you have a great weekend, will catch up with you next week.

Is it Thursday?

Thursday, May 5
Let me fill you in concerning my inability to figure out what day it is. I work as an engineer for the largest merchant generator of electricity in the United States. This is my 28 day cycle schedule:
  • 6:00 pm to 6:00 am Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday
  • Off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Off Monday
  • 6:00 pm to 6:00 am Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (today?)
  • Off Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Off Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
In the energy industry this is referred to as the "DuPont Schedule". The DuPont Schedule is a very popular 12-hour schedule and was indeed developed in the 1930's by DuPont to maximize production with the smallest workforce. As posted here, you would have 7-days off with a return on Friday evening.

At any point, someone is on nights, someone is on days, and two people are off. You need at least 4-people to make this work effectively (168 hours * 4 = full 24/7 coverage for one month). Typically, the 12's are better than rotating 8's (less rotation, less variability, compressed time off). There are some quick turnarounds (going from days to nights with 24 or 48-hours rest) in this schedule -- need to be on guard for fatigue upon return.

I feel like this right now in regards to my level of frustration concerning my eat, sleep, work routine in the middle of this schedule:

I go through half the month not knowing what bleeding day it is. Thursday? Monday? Believe it or not, I am not really complaining. I make over $55.00 an hour with about 300 hours of overtime yearly. I am accustom to working long hours for many years now. It is just that since I started the "Dupont" last year when I transferred to this facility, I am still not in synch with the "days". Everything is divided up into 12-hour timeframes.

Okay, I just checked, it is indeed Thursday. Wish it was next Thursday, then I would have 7 days off.